Responsible Budgeting

As the Senate Co-Chair of the Joint Committee on Finance (JFC), I have the privilege and tremendous responsibility of playing an integral role in shaping Wisconsin’s biennial budget. I will continue to be as careful with the money taxpayers provide as you are with your own money. Thanks to careful budgeting, taxes are down, school funding is at record levels, and so is our Rainy Day Fund. I believe we will get through this crisis and rebound quickly!

Preparing Our Children for the Future

As a former teacher, I understand the importance of education. Regardless of background, socioeconomic status, or zip-code, every child must have access to a quality education to be successful. Thanks to the state budget that I helped to write, Wisconsin is investing more real dollars in K-12 education than ever before. We’ve also made historic investments in Special Education and mental health care for children.

Health Care

I believe every citizen should have access to our high-quality health care without breaking the bank. That’s why I have fought hard in the Legislature to ensure that our insurance market stays competitive so that your premiums stay low. This session, I worked to make it easier for doctors to use telehealth which is helping families get quality healthcare quicker. I will continue to work hard for you to have a sustainable, healthy Wisconsin.

Powering Our Economy

Wisconsin’s greatest resource is its people. By removing government regulations and red tape, we empower our citizens to be innovative entrepreneurs. When government steps out of the way, Wisconsin’s citizens and their businesses can succeed at unprecedented levels.

Veterans Issues

Those who are serving or have served deserve our utmost appreciation for their sacrifices and the sacrifices of their family. I believe we must honor those sacrifices. One way to honor them is by ensuring our veterans are taken care of when they return home. This session, I authored a new law that will allow Veterans to attend any higher educational school they choose whether it is public or private.


I believe we need to ensure our seniors have access to a high quality of life. That means funding programs like Medicare, SeniorCare, and other long-term care services for the elderly of our state. In my time in the legislature, I have continually worked to ensure quality care for seniors. I am proud to advocate on behalf of Wisconsin’s elderly population.


Transportation is critical to our economy. Our residents, businesses, and tourism industry rely on a safe, dependable transportation system each and every day. Which is why I worked to get more money for our roads to get pushed off projects done quicker. Int the budget, we put the I-43 North-South reconstruction back on track because your safety is important. I will continue to work to ensure we are effective and efficient on transportation spending.


The pandemic is creating incredible challenges for everyone in our state. When the lock-down is over, I believe our state is in a great position to rebound to the success we had before the crisis. I will continue to work to make sure people can find family-supporting jobs and employers can find quality trained workers.


Strong families create a strong Wisconsin. From helping foster kids find their permanent homes faster to making sure the cost of your childcare is affordable, I have worked to gather the bipartisan support for bills that help Wisconsin’s children and families.


I have worked to make sure that here in the state of Wisconsin we have the highest quality of life. My commitment to public safety has led to authoring legislation such as the state’s Sexual Predator Law, Sex Offender Registry, Internet Predator Law, and drunk-driving legislation. All of these initiatives had one thing in mind: keeping you and your family safe.

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